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Luann On Air Selfie

“Yep, the REAL Luann. No makeup, no glam, no kidding :) Thanks for lovin' me anyway!”

Here’s what women are saying about:


Café Minute:

“I love it! It’s concise, easy to understand, and you just give a glimpse of God’s teaching for busy gals.” – Emily B.

Live Events:

“I have attended more conferences than ever before and found God at THIS one. His presence was here in every session.” – Greensboro Conference Attendee

“This was my first time attending but with the Good Lord's will, it will not be my last and I hope to bring others along. Blessings to you all."

“Attended the event on Saturday with a good friend and we were so blessed. This is my second year and I hope you continue.”

“God's continued blessings! It was fabulous! You all put everything together beautifully.”

“Love this group of ladies. Unspeakable Joy in Winston Salem was awesome again! Looking forward to 2015.”

“This was my 2nd year going, and I had a wonderful time both times. Will definitely recommend to others. Always come away encouraged and uplifted. Thank you for putting on this amazing event.”

“I don't do many "girly" things, that is, make up parties, showers, tupperware parties, etc. This event is on my calendar every year before it's even announced. It is truly a blessing to me. We brought four new ladies this year over last, and hopefully there will be more next year.”

“I would love to have an event like this at our church. I wish we could make that happen! Thank you JOY FM and EC for hosting this wonderful event. Look forward to next year.”

“Such a blessing! Enjoyed my whole day...hated for it to end!”

“I received a wonderful spiritual blessing. It seemed each that speaker spoke directly to me.”

“I did not know anything about Joy FM, Luann, or Encouragement Café. Luann and the speakers were life changers for me and my opinion of women's conferences. You all really hit a home run and praise the Lord for loving me because even though I came by myself I never NEVER felt alone.”

The New Website:

“s-weeet!” – Helen M.
“I love it!” – Dawn B.
“Fabulous!” – Amy C.
“cute, cute, cute!” – Nina V.
“I absolutely love the website. Very encouraging!!!” – Ebony M.
“I so love this website! I can’t wait for the daily devotions to arrive in my inbox. I believe the Lord is going to do great things with this – there are many hearts out there that are going to be encouraged and uplifted – that’s what it’s all about! Thank you ladies!” – Lynn H.

Daily Devotions:

“THIS IS GREAT! Thanks for all your encouragement!” – Janet C.
“Love your site!!!!” – Denise B.
“God just feeds me with what I need when I need it.” – Andrea H.
“I heard about this site on the gospel Greats on JoyFM and decided to check it out and boy am I glad I did. I absolutely adore this site! I think it can really flourish greatly. I am a mentor for a ministry called Power to Change and I will use this site as encouragement for my mentees. And there are many out there hurting who could certainly benefit from this site. Thank you for being there. God bless” – Trish H.


“Great show!” – Melanie S.
“I need me some Encouragement Café!! I could practically smell the coffee while you spoke! I am so excited to be able to listen to your encouraging words! Thank you!” – Heidi S.

At His Feet Devotional Journal:

“Had my first quiet time with my EC journal today. Beautiful!” – Lynn C.