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At Encouragement Cafe events, you'll meet the Paint N Praise artists, who seek to capture Christ in visually powerful ways.

Live stage art, interactive paintings and break-out art sessions allow you to tap into creativity. This page will help you get connected to our current sites, blogs, and tutorials. You can always check out our posts on the Encouragement Cafe Facebook page. Please consider having one of us at your next event. Learn more about booking Betty, Lisa or Noelle.

Who are we?

We are Jesus' EC artist gals, willing to take what we have, give it to God, and hopefully bless you. We hold up our paint brushes as "spiritual swords", and let God work through us. We dance with Jesus through paints on canvas, interceding and worshiping. Our prayer is that we are prisms of peace, testifiers of the Light, and reflections of righteousness.


 Lisa Albinus

Noelle Okolowicz

Betty "B" Shoopman

Why do we do this?

Quite simply, because God, the original Creator gave us this universal language of art that speaks loudly, yet uniquely to each soul. It draws us, artist and viewer alike, deeper and closer to Him. Our Savior is compelling us to tap into a dynamic explosion of worship and surrender and we encourage you to join us.

Step outside the box!

We invite you in. Artist or not, it doesn't matter. We DARE you to SEE (with intention) what God is whispering to your heart. Beauty matters to God. It shines light, and reflects His glory. The "colors" of His deep love and life-breathing truths stand in protest of darkness. May God minister to you intimately through art.

Want to join the party and create your own art?

Join us at any Encouragement Café Event and sign up for the Heart For Art Add-On Session

Extend your experience at any Encouragement Café event with a 'Heart For Art' Session that's sure to fill your "creative cup". An Encouragement Cafe' Paint' N Praise Artist will guide you step by step through the process of making your very own painting or decorated journal. What will it be? The surprise is half the fun! (Plus, you don't get time to stress out beforehand! Just show up and jump in!) No art experience is required, but an openness to enjoy yourself is!

Your cost includes everything you need; supplies, paint, canvas or journal, instruction and personal guidance. Class time is approximately an hour and happens during the 90 minute lunch break.

Each participant will have the opportunity to tap into their creative juices, connect with The Creator more intimately through it, enjoy time with one of the stage artists (Betty Shoopman, Lisa Albinus or Noelle Okolowicz) and walk away with a special, memorable keepsake.

Come on in to the "party within the party", and try a fresh, new way to fill your spirit! It's going to be awesome!