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Wisdom - Do We Really Want It?

Lot's wife lingered. In Genesis 19:26 it says she 'looked back'. Sound familiar? It's easy to pass judgment on her when we read that and say, "What was she thinking!!?"

But we do it. We look back at our past and think, 'what if' - you can fill in the blank with whatever personal struggle plagued you. The fact is, we occasionally linger there. Our mind gets caught staring at the rearview mirror. God's wisdom said, 'don't look back'. Lot's wife could hear the burning sulfur annihilating her hometown and something inside whispered, 'can it really hurt to take a peek?'

Maybe lingering caused her to stop and pause and maybe at that very moment a spew of volcanic sulfur poured onto that very spot. We don't know the how, but we do know the 'why'. She lingered. She turned her back on God's wisdom.

A sermon outline on the Book of Proverbs has this insight on wisdom:

Wisdom continues to cry out — only in stronger and fuller form — the Word of God.
Men, including Christian men, continue to ignore the cries and appeals of wisdom.
Men especially turn away from the teaching of the Word.
There is always a balance beam. Every individual can climb on one side or the other.
Will you hear, heed and follow, or will you close your eyes and ears and go your own way?
The ultimate outcome is up to you.
Throughout time and eternity you will reap the fruit of the decision you make now regarding wisdom.

Wood, C. R. (1984). Sermon Outlines on the Book of Proverbs (9–10). Grand Rapids, Mich.: Kregel Publications.

Today Lord, turn my eyes and ears to Your Wisdom. Pour Your Word into my heart and mind so that the screaming of this world will not make me linger on the past. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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