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Unexpected Lesson


I'm thankful, really.

It happened again. For the third time in 6 months, my body went into crazy mode. I woke up Monday morning at 4:45 with my face swollen twice it's normal size. My bottom lip turned completely wrong side out and landed on my chin. It was quite scary.

My hubby took me immediately to my allergist (when they opened). They couldn't get me in for a couple of hours. Instead of going back home we decided to hang out at the breakfast place next door.

That's when it happened. One of God's life lessons showed up. We were tucked into a booth away from the crowd... but the crowd went out of their way to see the freak in the booth.

It's true. The kitchen staff, one by one, peeked around the corner to stare at this odd looking woman, me.

God whispered to my heart, it happens every day with my children. I'm letting you experience something they endure their entire life. It's not fun. It's not right. Yet, curiosity overcomes their sensitivity.

So today I'm less swollen but with no makeup, choosing to have a work meeting in a coffee shop with a colleague.

Lord, may I begin to see others who look different with new compassion. Thanks for the lesson.

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Thanks for the reminder.  Yes we do have a tendency to stare at other who we think doesn't look normal.  We must ask ourselves what is normal?

To a person who we think doesn't look normal maybe we don't look normal to them.

I also need your help.  Due to personal mishaps in my life lately I have missed out on the beginning (lessons 1-5) of the Essentials Bible Study.  Can you please send me a link where I can go back and do those? I

t is very important to me.  I love this website.  This ministry has help me grow in God's word.

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