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Life is always changing. Mine just shifted. I've been a woman wearing multiple hats for decades! Probably from 'baby-needs-a-new-pair-of-shoes' syndrome. For years I was a single mom trying to put food on the table (and shoes on my kids' feet).

And I learned along the way that nothing seemed to be secure, so I should always have a plan B, and C and maybe even D! That translated to generally having at least 3 streams of income going. If one fell short, another would surely keep us from going hungry.

When that mindset takes root, it is HARD to let it go... even when God says to your heart, I AM secure.

At the beginning of the year, after prayer and seeking, I chose my One Word. It's a practice I learned from Rachel Olsen who wrote the book. Choosing One Word helps me filter everything that year. This year, it's UNDIVIDED.


He said, set your real estate career aside. (what???) That has paid for so much ministry, Lord!?

He said, give your company to your son. (what???) But it has always been my little engine that kept running in the background!?

He said, Trust Me.

So I did. I began laying down the things that divided my time and attention... which left me with Encouragement Cafe and 20 hours a week on the radio in the afternoon.

It was mid-March and I must admit, I wondered, now what?

Then God.

I received a phone call from the General Manager, along with the head of our parent company, asking if I would consider coming on full-time.

What??? Wow God! You ask us to let go so we can latch on when life changes. (Thanks for preparing me in advance.)

Maybe YOUR life is changing. Trust Him. He is secure.


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Luann, your story is so encouraging and needed to be read this morning by my heart!  I'm trusting God!  Thank you so much for sharing!

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