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Superman! Not So Super Woman

You know in this fast-paced world we live in, it's hard to find time to simply sit a spell with friends. I've been sitting a spell lately. For years I've felt guilty if I slowed down or stopped. I am up early and go to bed late (well, late for me ;o)

When someone asks me to do something the first word out of my mouth has been, "SURE!" Then I think, now how in the world am I going to 'find' time to get that done?

I'm going to share a secret with you... can I trust you not to blab? Ok, I keep this Super Woman costume tucked away for just such an occasion. It sits there in the back of my mind waiting for an opportunity to come to life. Like many of my clothes, it doesn't fit anymore. It is about 3 sizes too small, but that doesn't stop me from squeezing into it.

Picture a Britney Spears size shaper on Kathy Bates, yea, that. Miserable! And NOT my best look.

Do you have one too? Are you trying to force more in your life than is humanly possible?

I've got a great idea. Let's give it away. Yes, GIVE IT AWAY. That item on our list that we said 'yes' to when God really wanted to bless someone else with that task. So give it away. That desire to be everything to everyone. Let’s agree to let go of the need to be busier than all our friends. Activity does not equal a fulfilled life.

The lesson for today is:

There is only room for one Super in our life (and it isn't us).

Pull up a chair. Kick back with me a minute. I'll pour us a glass of lemonade as we sit and marvel at our Super God.

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