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So Now, Go

“So now, go. I am sending you…” Exodus 3:10 (NIV)

Moses was suffering from a mid-life crisis. Up to this point, his life had been anything but normal. His birth parents were both Levites, from the Jewish lineage of priests. His mother, in an effort to save him from Pharoah’s death order, placed him in a basket and put him in the river. As it turned out, Pharoah’s daughter spotted him, felt sorry for him and sought a Jewish woman to care for him. This woman turns out to be his real birth mother.

He grows up in the palace with all the luxuries of a king, knowing he is privileged. At age 40 he witnesses an Egyptian abusing a fellow Hebrew and in a fit of anger murders him. This short-sighted solution creates tons of consequences. Pharoah hears of it, gets ticked and tries to kill him. In today’s society you might expect to see Moses spilling his guts on a talk show or the sordid events of abandonment, murder and fleeing justice being played out in a mini-series.

In reality, Moses ran. He ended up in a foreign land, met and helped some girls being bullied at a well, marries one of them, has a son and finds himself tending the sheep for his father-in-law. He had to be asking himself, is this it? Is this all there is? How did I get here? In Exodus 2:22 he states, “I have become an alien in a foreign land.” In other words, “Woe is me, look what life has given me.”

Moses was suffering from mid-life crisis alright. When he was young and tough he could take on the world. Now he found himself saddled with a wife, a son and the obligation of a steady job, tending the flock. Ho hum, so this is it.

In the middle of this very regular day God showed up in style! A burning bush speaks to Moses and says, “…so now, go.” Now? Wait a minute, even though I complain and grumble about my life, I don’t want you to change it! Six times Moses questioned God’s decision. He said, “Who am I; Suppose I; What if.” Doubts kept rolling off his tongue.

Oh, can you relate? I can! When I was young I thought my life might really count for something. I might make a difference in this world. So I killed one Egyptian at a time. Not literally, but I did make quick decisions that focused on my narrow view of the world and those decisions ultimately changed the direction of my life forever. One at a time, wrong choices led me to the middle of my field… the kitchen. Washing a sink full of dishes, hearing the laundry thump and watching my children quarrel, I stared out the window and asked, “Is this it?”

God shows up in each of our lives and tells us, “So now, go.” We hesitate just like Moses. Isn’t it interesting that God told Moses to go right back to his old home, the palace; go back where he had witnessed abuse and his life was threatened; go back where the memories of his murderous crime haunted his mind?

The difference this time? God was directing his steps and empowering his actions. God had the bigger vision of how this one flawed man could impact a nation instead of one Egyptian.

Have you been complaining about your life? Are you asking yourself, “Is this it”? You do not have to live a mundane existence. God moments are everywhere and He has a bigger vision for your life too!

He wants you to make an impact on your world by allowing Him to direct your steps and to empower your actions. Resist the urge to make excuses like Moses. If you are complaining about your life, open your eyes and see the same God who sat enthroned in a burning bush for Moses, also has a burning desire to change your life as well. Listen, He is whispering, “So now, go.”

Father, we praise Your name and ask boldly for You to take us into new territories today. Pry us loose from our seat of complacency and set our feet firmly on Your path of new direction. Empower us to be all You have intended for us to be. Don’t let us miss one more moment of the Promised Land You have for us right here on this earth. We ask these things in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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