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Snippets and Nuggets


I pull out the Smart Balance to butter my toast. It claims to be a 'healthier' blend of the real thing, butter and the 'not-so-real' thing… whatever else they manufacture now to replace butter.

As I scraped my knife across the hard surface, my mind flashed back to the first time. A snippet of memory took me back as if it was yesterday.

There were 5 kids in our family and barely enough of anything to go around. Mom and Dad would have friends over to play games and the treat they served was not chips and salsa or cheese and crackers. No, mom pulled out her homemade bread and sliced it very thin then toasted it. The smell was marvelous! However, the oleo sticks disguised as butter nearly ruined the experience.

She would slice off a sliver of hardened oil and slap it on this warm, delicious slice of manna. Granted it would begin to melt and if you were diligent you could spread it a bit farther than the smack middle, but who had the patience for that?

For over a decade I thought that was just the way you ate toast... until I visited the Wallace house. This new family at our church invited the teens over for fellowship. Their home was like nothing I had ever seen before. Looking back I realize it was a very nice brick ranch with an oversized family room added on, but at the time, it was the closest thing I had seen to a mansion!

The variety of morsels they displayed for our feast was candy to my eyes. But there was one particular item that captured me. The whipped butter sitting beside the soft, cushy loaf of white bread. I looked at it, bewildered. The hostess encouraged me to try it. Why can I still vividly remember sliding my knife across the top of that bowl and watching the creamy butter dutifully attach to the blade? I was gleeful and giddy. Then, it glided across the plain of my soft, cushy bread without tearing one hole in it! It spread effortlessly to every corner of the slice. Miraculous!

Then, I tasted. Oh my goodness! The taste buds in my mouth began to sing in harmony. I was hooked. Everyone else grazed through the other treats, but I planted myself firmly beside the bowl of whipped heaven. Mrs. Wallace said, "Honey, would you like more?" Did this angel really say, more? It was the beginning of my love for bread and smooth, creamy butter. And when I finally got to try it on my mom's fresh baked bread, it was like a symphony playing in my mouth.

So as I'm reading in the Bread of Life (God's Word) this morning God reminded me that that snippet of memory is like the nuggets He provides each time I pick up His Word.

For those times when I feel discarded, unworthy, unloved, abandoned, He said, "Remember this," Ezekiel 16:8 "Then I passed by you and saw you, and behold, you were at a time for love; so I spread My skirt over you and covered your nakedness. I also swore to you and entered into a covenant with you so that you became Mine," declares The Lord.

Why did I tell you that whole bread story? Because I believe God uses snippets of memory to give us nuggets of truth. As I thought about that bread and the smell that filled the house when it was baking, I remembered the frustration of trying to spread the fake, phony, substitute... the parallel connected in my mind.

God's rich nuggets of truth cannot compare to false substitutes. And they only spring to life in us when we internalize His Word through snippets of memory.

Today, I'm soaking up God's Truth - that I AM HIS! I'm covered from corner to corner! He promised! I love this love story! I love this Bread!

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