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Rag Rugs, Gardening and More, Oh My

A couple of years ago, my husband saw a rag rug at a home we were visiting and commented on how much he liked it. The next thing we knew, one arrived in the mail! It was from my mother-in-love. Now our feet have a soft place to rest beneath us while swinging on the back porch.

Recently my mother-in-love paid us a visit, toting along not only her suitcase but also a very large trash bag. She summoned my husband and I over to see what was inside. Dozens of balls of cloth, in all patterns, sizes and colors tumbled out onto the table. Rags, ripped into 1 inch strips, sewn end to end and then rolled into balls adorned our dining room. "I'm going to teach you both how to make rag rugs," she declared.

This year, we put out a garden. I know many people do, but we haven't had the time or place to do that for several years. For 3 weeks now, we've been eating fresh food from our own yard.

A few months ago, Betty, my artist friend, encouraged me to pick up my paints and create again.

As I sit with God this morning, He reminded me how very much He loves me.

He pressed on my heart, "I remember."

He remembered my dreams as a child, visiting my aunt's farm and watching her work in the garden. Going with my parents to visit a couple whose house was filled with his art work. Watching an elderly woman in our church create the most beautiful handmade items with her crochet hook. Always dreaming that one day I might have that kind of life.

Life has not always been dream-worthy, but today, I'm living the dream.

He remembered my dreams. He remembers yours too.

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