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God Reminders


Flight delays, fuel issues, and gate changes are some of the reasons I prefer to drive. I also like to be in control of where I stop, when I stop and how I get there.

But God taught me another lesson this weekend... He is in control.

I know, you'd think I would have gotten that by now in my life, but there are moments when He needs to give me a reminder.

Speaking at a weekend retreat in Nebraska really limited my ability to drive from NC. Arriving at the airport early, I discovered my flight was delayed. Then it was delayed again. It seems the snow storm in NY was causing those planes not to arrive on time in NC.

Originally my gate was A1... then it was A7... then it was determined my connection in Minneapolis was not going to happen. My connection was switched to Detroit, then I was on to gate A3.

But it was my short 30 minutes in gate A7 that made me recognize God in the midst of my circumstances. I was close enough to the gate to overhear a distraught woman telling the attendant to please have someone help her at her next connection. She explained that she had just found out that her daughter died the previous night in Buffalo and she was not thinking clearly, just trying to get there.

Immediately I began to pray for her. As I did, God prepared my heart to be ready. There had to be 25 open seats at the gate and only 1 beside me... yes, she came over and sat down.

For that moment in time, there was nothing more important on the planet than holding a stranger in an airport and offering to pray. She replied, "Please, I know I will need it." For the next 30 minutes I listened to Susan share her story and cry.

I tucked my Encouragement Cafe card in her hand and I said, "our team will continue to pray." She gripped my neck as if she would never let go. Then it was over and I was on to my next gate.

My detour in plans was God's plan. His reminder that He was in control was so soothing to my heart.

Maybe today you needed this gentle reminder too.

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Luann we were so blessed to have you come speak to us in Nebraska!  As I read this story again it truly does show us how God is in control!!  Thank you for giving us an amazing weekend learning how to shine!  I hope I can come back to NC someday to see you!

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