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Does What I Do Matter?

She slipped a Ziploc baggie into my hand. Tucked inside was a note and a necklace. The note said:

It's been 2 years now since I stumbled upon your radio station and your encouragement cafe program and 'for some reason' it caught my attention. After my divorce I was bitter and angry and felt The Lord had let me down. For 5 months I listened. Between your program and a nurse who was witnessing to me while helping me control diabetes, God pricked my heart. I ran to God. I came to Unspeakable Joy last year and just fell in love with the event, the speakers and feeling God's presence. Please don't ever stop, we/I need you.(I learned how to make jewelry and wanted to make you something, hope you like it)

There are days when I get weary and wonder, does what I do matter?

Hey nurse, what you did MATTERED!

Hey radio, what you play MATTERED!

Hey, what you say MATTERED!

Hey, what we say, choosing to encourage, MATTERS!

God open our eyes and peel back the layers on our heart so we can truly see our moment-by-moment purpose. What I do matters.

When I get weary, I slip on a very important necklace.

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