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I Think I Prayed For This

Café Menu for Friday, December 18, 2015
Today’s Special is: He Hears What I Pray
Carefully prepared just for you by your friend, Dawn Mast
Main Ingredient:

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.

Isaiah 65:24 NIV


It had been saturated in prayer.  Drowned in prayer.  Now I was the one drowning.  I was sleep deprived, scared and completely done with this gig of being a mama.

I wanted a husband and babies and everything that came with being a mom, but now with a crying toddler, a nursing newborn and a husband who lived at the hospital and only came home to sleep, life was not looking the way I had fairy-taled it.  Probably because my fairytale included a fairy godmother who showed up to cook, clean and give me a break so I could take a nap.

With no family support and really no close friends, I reached up and out to God.


Just like Jonah and Daniel, Esther and Mary, David and Paul and others who had gone before I needed serious help.  And just like He did for the others, He showed up.  He didn't chide me for asking for something (a husband and babies) then wanting to flee from them and not knowing what to do when the going got tough.

No. He walked me through it.  The Lord sat with me through the tears, the milk, the diapers, the lonely nights, more tears, and He made sure I knew I wasn't really alone.

You, my dear friend, are not alone in what you have prayed for.  The Lord has heard you and He knows your need.  When you have such joy that you feel you could burst, He knows and He loves to see you happy.  And when you are distraught and overwhelmed, He sees that too and He hurts with you.

Your prayers and pleas fall on His holy ears and He knows exactly what you need before you ask.  That is how well He knows you!  Trust Him with the things that are on your heart and mind today.  He knows just what to do.

Take Out:

Get alone, if you can, and just talk to the Lord.  He is there to hear you cry out and lay your burdens on Him. If it helps to write down your frustrations that works too.

Psalms is full of written woes.  He knows your heart already so just get honest and real and even tell Him how you hope this situation will all work out.  Just being still in His presence can give you peace and hope enough to go on another day.

He has a plan, but He still wants to hear from you.


Thank You, sweet Lord Jesus that every good and perfect gift comes from You.  I know that I sometimes get bogged down in the caring of these gifts and I don't see them as gifts, but as chores.  Please forgive me for that and help me to have a renewed vision for the calling You have for me.  Help me to have a grateful heart and to be aware of You singing over me (Zephaniah 3:17) as I work for Your Glory.  Amen.

For more encouragement, visit Dawn at thatdawnedonme.wordpress.com where she blogs about humor, holiness and homeschooling.  She sometimes attains all 3 on the same day!

© 2015 by Dawn Mast.  All rights reserved.

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