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Good Things

Café Menu for Monday, October 19, 2015
Today’s Special is: No More Money Worries
Carefully prepared just for you by your friend, Paris Renae
Main Ingredient:

Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.

Luke 12:32 NIV


My husband and I have these friends who are the masters of frugal living while still enjoying life.  He knows all the ins and outs, where to look, and how to ask for a better price.  He wants to write about it – but writing isn’t his expertise.

Fortunately for us, on the very touchy subject of money, we have an Ultimate Authority who is also the Best Author ever – our Father,

who satisfies our desires with good things.

Psalm 103:5 NIV

The one thing that has always made me get uptight is money issues.  I seem to keep my cool in the face of broken legs, broken windows, and the like – but when the recession hit in 2009 and we found ourselves in a situation we never had dreamed of, I began to put on my ‘I’ve got to fix this’ hat.  I relied on me and my hubby to dig out and spent many a sleepless night.  The alternative, as my Loving Father has taught me, is t r u s t…

Oh so easily said, but how, oh how in the midst of ‘there’s not enough to pay this bill’ do we live it out?

I guess I could have started by looking back over my life and seeing that He had always been there, always worked things out.  I could have started by remembering the lives in the Bible that were far more impacted but yet with Jehovah as their God, He worked things out.  I could have started and ended by just saying

Show me the way, I’ll work, You lead, and put me to sleep each night – knowing You will work things out.

I can’t tell you why money has always been the weak spot for me, but I can tell you that He has ALWAYS worked things out.  As He provides for the super cute lady cardinal outside my window pecking for grub, for the crazy lizards skittering down my sidewalk, how much more He provides for me.  I still have a closet full of clothes, plenty of food in the frig, and a car to drive.

Not only that, even if I didn’t have all these ‘things’ - I do have - forever will have, can never lose - the kingdom.  He has been pleased to give me, one of the little sheep in His Flock, the kingdom where all this won’t even be a memory.

But seek His kingdom, and these things will be given you as well.

Luke 12:31 NIV

Take Out:

This is where I want to be when it comes to money – will you join me?

This is all Yours, Lord, open my fists.

I trust in You and will not lose sleep over how much or how little there is.

I will keep my eyes on the kingdom knowing that in this life  You have already worked out all things for good.


Father, in those moments we find ourselves living in fear rather than in victory in this so touchy area of money, calm our anxious hearts.  Turn our thoughts to You that our focus will shift off the numbers and onto You, our Provider.  You know where we are weak, Lord, and it is in that weakness that Your Power is made perfect.  Thank You for the kingdom that is ours forever.  Keep our eyes on Jesus who will welcome us there.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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© 2015 by Paris Renae.  All rights reserved.

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Linda, you are right, it is our natural reaction - and it is hard to wait on God for sure.  But hoping you and I and many others can find our way to his Word and trust in His provision - even the provision of waiting...

This is my trigger button.  It's hard to wait on God when the electric company is threatening to shut you off, the car insurance is due and you're short on the rent.

We seek safety because it is inborne need herarding back to Adam & Eve and The Fall.  They felt insecure because they knew they had broken God's will for them.  If we look at Maslow's Heirarchy of needs, security & shelter are our basic needs.

Now that I've shared that little Psych lesson...have a blessed day.

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