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Noelle Okolowicz is a speaker and stage artist for Encouragement Cafe who has a heartfelt love for Jesus. Her messages blend artistic principals with biblical breakthrough, as she uses her own life stories to illustrate God's redemptive work amidst brokenness. She also creates social media and graphic design.

She speaks from her own life experiences, most often "leading with her weaknesses". She believes in humor. She believes in "real." And she believes that God has all the answers to overcome any problem we're facing. As a stage artist and teacher, she seeks to dynamically engage and challenge her audiences in creative ways that promote positive life change, and a deeper, richer faith.

Book Noelle for stage art, speaking events, ministry retreats, and fund-raisers. She also does commissioned work such as paintings and murals. Connect with Noelle on Facebook, TheArtofBreakthrough.com or learn more about by clicking here.