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Grab your journal and Bible and spend seven weeks in this study designed to bring you closer in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Absolute Boundless Abandon: Week 1

Day 1: Developing/Maintaining a Quiet Time

Day 2: Journaling

Day 3: Honesty in Prayer

Day 4: Trusting God through Trials

Day 5: An Intimate Relationship with God

Absolute Boundless Abandon: Week 2

Day 1: Listening to God

Day 2: How God Loves Us So Much that He Sent His Son to Die in Our Place

Day 3: How God Provides a Way for Us All to Know Him

Day 4: How Jesus Delivers Us from Eternal Death

Day 5: The Cup of Redemption

Absolute Boundless Abandon: Week 3

Day 1: His Passionate Love Before During and After The Cross

Day 2: How to Get There from Here

Day 3: Making Jesus the Main Object of Our Lives

Day 4: Your Faith Has Made You Whole

Day 5: Resting in God's Grace

Absolute Boundless Abandon: Week 4

Day 1: God’s Unconditional Love found in Jesus Christ

Day 2: Fully Relying on the All Sufficiency of Jesus

Day 3: Trouble Will Come, But…

Day 4: How God Sees Everything

Day 5: Sharing Your Story

Absolute Boundless Abandon: Week 5

Day 1: “Your Faith has Healed You”

Day 2: Living in Your Freedom In Christ Jesus

Day 3: God's Amazing Grace

Day 4: Receiving God’s Love

Day 5: God's Protection of Those Whom He Has Redeemed

Absolute Boundless Abandon: Week 6

Day 1: Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus

Day 2: How to Stop Comparing Your God Given Gifts to Others

Day 3: Abandoning a Self-Centered Agenda in Exchange for His

Day 4: Abandon All Rights to Him and Experience True Freedom in Jesus Christ!

Day 5: Letting Go of Our Past and Remembering it is Under The Blood, Forgiven!

Absolute Boundelss Abandon: Week 7

Day 1: Surrendering Our Futures to The Trustworthy God Who Loves His Children

Day 2: Being Truly Alive!

Day 3: Trusting Our LORD, No Matter What

Day 4: God’s Love Poured Out of the Overflow Within Our Hearts to Others

Day 5: How to Serve The LORD

Day 6: Surrendering All to The LORD