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Bible Study of 1 John: Day 23


Immutable Truth

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Carefully prepared just for you by your friend, Debbie Holt


Thank you that You have overcome the world and that my hope can be confidently placed in You.  Amen.

Scripture Reference:

I John 5

Today’s Message:

Praise the Lord!  We serve a God that has chosen to clearly give us His truth in His Word.  We don’t have to “guess” at truth.  And His truth is immutable – it never changes!  All other false religions of this world have “truth” that fluctuates with time, leadership, and world events.  But God’s Word stands true forever!

How awesome it is that He loves us.  He wants a relationship with us.  He communicated to us how we can know Him and spend eternity with Him.

I ask you … why would anyone not want to know this good news?!

Again, as in the other chapters, in chapter 5 we saw truth that we can KNOW …

Read I John 5:2

  • How do you love the children of God?  By loving God and observing His commandments.  We usually think that observing God’s commandments are for our own good.  But when you look at the commandments, the heart of them is to love God and do good to others.

Read I John 5:13

  • John has written this truth so that we can know that we have eternal life.  It’s not a “hope so” faith but a secure faith in the Son of God.  Our salvation is secure in Him!

Read I John 5:15

  • We can know that God hears us when we pray and can be confident that He will answer according to His will.  Besides … would you want Him to give you anything that is NOT according to His will?

Read I John 5:18

  • Those who are born of God do not sin (present active – continuous action and the subject produces the action:  you continually sin).  How can that be?  Because He (Jesus) Who was born of God keeps those who are born of God (us).

Read I John 5:19

  • We know that we are of God (because of v.13:  we believe in the name of the Son of God and are assured of eternal life).  Here John is simply restating a vital truth … we can know that we are saved but those who don’t believe are captives of Satan’s power.

Read I John 5:19

  • We know that Jesus has come to give us understanding and we can know Him.  This reminds me of a beautiful truth tucked away in John’s gospel 1:18

Read John 1:18

  • Jesus literally came to this earth to explain God to us by speaking His words and doing what God does … He gave us a living example of God Himself!

The Greek word for overcome is #3528, nikao.  It means to be victorious, to prevail, to conquer and subdue.

It is spoken of Jesus and His followers as victorious over the world, evil, and all the adversaries of His kingdom.  (see Dr. Zhodiates’ Complete Word Study Dictionary of the New Testament)

Read I John 5:4-5

In I John 5:4-5 it is used of “faith” – the source or the means of our victory!


Read I John 2:13-14

  • Warren Wiersbe says “the young men are the conquerors:  they have overcome the evil one, Satan, who is the prince of this world system.  How did they overcome him?  Through the Word of God!  The ‘young men’ are not yet fully mature; but they are maturing, for they use the Word of God effectively.  The Word is the only weapon that will defeat Satan. (Eph 6:17)”

Read Ephesians 6:17

Read I John 4:4

  • You can overcome all the false teaching you hear because of the indwelling Spirit of God, who will teach you all things through the Word of God.

Read I John 5:4-5

  • Again, the source of overcoming is our faith in Jesus, the Son of God!  This means that through faith you have become a born of God overcomer.  And those born of God have His divine nature within them and are enabled to obey God; thus overcoming the evil one!  Got it?

Read John 16:33

  • We come from a place of victory; we’re not struggling to victory … He’s already accomplished our victory!  That should give you great joy … you are already an overcomer in Him!!

Read Romans 12:21

  • The context of this verse is doing good deeds even for your enemies.  Satan sends enemies to cause you to respond like the world and rob Jesus of glory.  That should be reason enough to be good to your enemies!

Read 2 Peter 2:19

  • This passage is warning about false teachers and the unrighteous.  You will know a man by his fruit.  If a sin constantly besets him, he is not an overcomer that is born of God!

See how reading verses in their context gives you the full meaning of the passage?  Each one of these “overcomer” passages are within a group of verses that have a particular theme or topic.  That’s how you prevent false interpretation … context is king!

Your Turn:

There are four things that help us to live as overcomers here on this earth. What are they?

  • I John 5:1-2:  _____________________________________________________
  • I John 5:2-4:  _____________________________________________________
  • I John 5:4-6:  _____________________________________________________
  • I John 5:14-15:  ____________________________________________________


  • From verse 13 through the end of the chapter, what are the main points that John is trying to make?
  • __________________________________________________________________
  • __________________________________________________________________
  • __________________________________________________________________
  • __________________________________________________________________
  • __________________________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Closing


  • __________________________________________________________________
  • __________________________________________________________________
  • According to verses 14-15, are there any conditions in order for your prayers to be answered?  Also, look again at I John 3:21-22.


Thank You Jesus that You have overcome the world … the victory is already ours through You!  Increase my faith so that I can glorify and honor You as I bear Your image to the world!  Amen.

What is God showing you through this study? We’d love to know. Leave us a comment below.

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1 John 5:20
"And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life."

Jesus came to earth solely to be a living example of the very nature of our Heavenly Father - Jesus was and IS God in the flesh. He contained everything that is God and everything that is man. He walked this earth facing the same struggles and temptations as every other human living at that time.

Yet the one thing He never did that all men past, present and future have done ... Jesus never lost focus of Who and What His mission was - That He might glorify His Father in Heaven, by living in complete obedience to His Father's will. There hasn't been and will never be another human on this side of eternity who sought after the Father like Jesus did. Yet we are called to strive for this. Seems impossible right?!

We are told that the young men - even though they weren't fully mature, they were maturing. A Progressive State! Continuing to use the Word of God effectively. How did they do that? They spent time in the Word & listening to the truths the Spirit of God was teaching them. Then they became doers of the Word, applying to their daily walk all the were learning, never falling for the lie that they knew it all.

The only reason we may find that the Father is receiving glory through our lives is because of the work He started in us the day we trusted Jesus. We may yield & mature & overcome, but it only because Jesus has already conquered what we are overcoming. He's already where we are striving to go ... a place where sin cannot go ... to My Father's side! Praise the Lord!! AMEN!!

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